A Review of “Pathways to Better Community Wayfinding”

The 2014 book, “Pathways to Better Community Wayfinding,” has been published in the “Interdisciplinary Journal of Wayfinding and Signage,” which is the bi-annual journal created by the Academic Advisory Council for Signage Research and Education, a 501(3)c, not-for-profit organization that focuses on providing independent thought leadership to advance the knowledge base that impacts on-premise signage.

Written by AACSRE President Dawn Jourdan and Board Member Craig Berger, the review states both pros and cons, as in “This book should have great value to academics and specialists involved with wayfinding to enhance their understanding of the field and its tools,” and “The selection of writers has resulted in impressive areas and deep flaws that prevent this book from achieving the goal of creating a blueprint for architects, planners, designers and policy makers improve public health through better understanding of communicating mobility in the community.”

You can access the review online at https://ijsw.shareok.org/home/article/view/6

Photo by Andrew Peloso on Unsplash

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