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Health-care Facility Wayfinding Best Practices Report Published

The Sign Research Foundation (SRF) has released the results of a new study entitled “Wayfinding Management: Models & Methods in Healthcare Environments.” A news release about the study states, “Seven case studies dive into the people, processes, and tools that large medical facilities in the U.S. implemented to manage their wayfinding systems, from static signage […]

Sign Research Foundation Publishes Urban Wayfinding Planning and Implementation Manual

The Sign Research Foundation (SRF, formerly known as The Signage Foundation) has published its “Urban Wayfinding Planning and Implementation Manual,” as well as a corresponding, four-page Executive Summary. It cites five wayfinding case studies, as well as five financing sources for wayfinding programs. The full report can be viewed online at The Executive Summary […]

Case Studies Examine EMC Brightness

An updated publication, entitled “Night-time Brightness Level Recommendations for On-Premise Electronic Message Centers,” has been updated with case histories from some of the more than 200 communities that have adopted its suggestions. The 16-page publication explains why brightness measurements should be taken in “footcandles” rather than “nits.” You can view the entire report online at […]

A History of the Highway Beautification Act

The International Sign Association’s Kenny Peskin wrote on article for Signs of the Times magazine in 2015 that documented the history of the landmark Highway Beautification Act on its 50th anniversary. You can access the entire article in Signs of the Times’ digital edition at

Understanding the Value of Signage

There is an old axiom that the three keys to successfully selecting real estate are “location, location and location”. The three keys that guide the successful selection and development of commercial properties are Visibility, Accessibility and Parking. An effective, on-premise sign is a critical component of visibility, and the sign should receive the same careful […]

The Economic Value of On-Premise Signs (1983)

Topics include: The Public Attitude Towards On-Premise Signs: Mobile Shopping, Comparison Shopping, Measuring Public Approval, Vital Role of Signs. Types of Information the Public Would Like To See On Signs: The Independent's Problem, Brand Consciousness, Information Desired, Banks, Motels, Service Stations. Business Owners' Attitudes Toward Their Signs: Importance to Customers, Effect of Removal or Alteration, […]

Signage Sourcebook (2003)

US Small Business Administration’s Guide for Sign Use. Signage Source Book Cover (PDF – 2MB) Forward, Acknowledgement & Contents (PDF – 0.2MB) The Science of Signs Introduction: The Science of Signs (PDF – 12MB) Signs and Traffic Safety (PDF – 22.MB) The FHWA Approach (PDF – 18MB) Conspicuity and Readability Issues (PDF – 9MB) Legibility […]

The Height of Freestanding Signs, and Vision Factors

This publication addresses numerous topics: technical criteria for signage,  a rationale for the height of freestanding signs for vehicular traffic, vision factors and directional traffic signals, and a sample corporate identification program. Signage Quarterly is a series of manuscripts specifically tailored for the on-premise or business sign community. Each issue is designed to offer insight into […]

Signs, Legal Rights and Aesthetic Considerations (1972)

There are three general ways in which cultural constraints are enforced: through the use of police powers, eminent domain and taxation. Download Signs. Legal Rights and Aesthetic Considerations

The Sign User’s Guide – A Marketing Guide (1988)

Sections include: Functions of Signs, The Importance of Signs, Sign Design, Selecting the Appropriate Type of Sign, Designing a Sign, How Much Should a Sign Cost?, Choosing the Copy for a Sign, The Importance of Sign Size to Advertising Effectiveness, Why Businesses Need Signage, The Importance of Marketing, Types of Advertising Media, Standard Measures of […]