About this website

This website was specifically created to provide information about on- and off-premise signs’ function and place in society, as well as relevant legislative information. The intended audience is those who have an interest in signs, but are not part of the sign industry — specifically end users (those who buy signs) and those who are charged with the task of regulating them (city planners). The site contains some original material, but a majority of it functions as a clearinghouse of information from myriad sources, including such research-oriented organizations as the Academic Advisory Council for Signage Research and Education (AACSRE) and the Sign Research Foundation (SRF). In addition, this site has re-created numerous books that are no longer readily available, a Small Business Administration website that no longer exists, and numerous articles from Signs of the Times magazine (which has chronicled the sign industry since 1906) that were written before digital editions existed, and thus are no longer available, except in back issues.

The website strives to provide documentation as to how the value of on-premise signs (and how this can be calculated), the current legislative panorama based on legal precedents, and pragmatic research as to which fonts are the most legible and how large letters need to be at various speed limits so that drivers can read them and safely make navigational decisions. The bulk of the research was produced by universities. Feedback is greatly appreciated, and well as suggestions for additional material. You may contact this website at signreference@gmail.com or by calling (513) 701-2197.